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Pete's Research
 Woking Family Project

  Old Woking High Street

The Woking Family Tree Project

An "in progress" work which started in 2012 and aimed to conduct a "One-Place Study" of St Johns, Woking but soon expanded to include the whole of the ancient Parish of Woking and the Modern Borough.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Project Methodology

Pete's research has been ongoing since 1975 resulting in many separate projects, all research is documented here and the linkages between the Projects can be understood.
Before the Internet published Parish Transcriptions many thousands of miles and Hotel rooms covered the hours spent in County Archive creating our own transcriptions of the Original Documents

feature 2 Names, Places and Dates

Description of the Name, Place and Dating Conventions used throughout Pete's Family History Research.

feature 3 The Growth of Woking A Graphical view of the growth of the Population of Woking as measured by this project

feature 4 A brief history of Woking Coming soon

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