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The Family History of Woking is an "in progress" work which started in 2012 and aimed to conduct a "One-Place Study" of St Johns, Woking but soon expanded to include the whole of Woking Parish. We are creating new transcriptions of the original documents available showing the Families who lived in the area constituting the Ancient Parish of Woking and tracing the family relationships. In 2016 it became apparent that, although Horsell was not connected to Woking in the study period and in fact was in a different Hundred and Registration District, the proximity of the village to the area around Woking Railway station was going to cause gaps in the family histories, so the Transcription area was increased, whilst family members who only appear in the surrounding Parishes are also displayed here.

The primary focus of the project will be on the period between 1813 and the 1911 Census although families have been extended to the return of the British Expeditionary Forces in 1921/22 in the cases where members were lost in the Great War.

As the Web site is still a "Work in Progress" after 7 years any data extracted should be checked against original Sources, and some changes to the published information is inevitable as the Registers for the period between 1813 and 1837 did not always provide sufficient evidence.

The Transcribed Data is entered into my main Research Database and wherever possible Family Trees created, the Folks who lived in the Woking/Horsell area are then extracted and presented here.
Note - if you wish to trace these families before (or after) their residence in Woking, you will need to apply for access to my main Research Website, Access requires a donation.

PLEASE let me know of all errors, typos and stupid mistakes ASAP

Feature Articles

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Project Methodology and progress

Pete has been researching Family History since 1975 resulting in many separate projects, all research is documented here and the linkages between the Projects can be understood.
Before the Internet published Parish Transcriptions many thousands of miles and Hotel rooms covered the hours spent in County Archives creating our own transcriptions of the Original Documents.

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Names, Places and Dates

Description of the Name, Place and Dating Conventions used throughout Pete's Family History Research.

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The Growth of Woking.

The growth of the population of Woking can be analysed by comparing the Census records against the Baptism and Burial records. Currently (2017) there is no plan to include all of the inmates of Brookwood asylum or the Prison/Army Barrack Blocks on the Knaphill border. However staff or their families living in married quarters or "off campus" are included

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A brief history of Woking.

Due to the Presence of a Royal Manor, Woking has played an influential role in English History from Magna Carta until the death of Henry VIII, the decline of the 17th century changed with the coming of the railways. but in recent years the Town centre has migrated which has caused some confusion, especially for anyone living in "Church Street, Woking" or even "High Street, Woking"

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