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Name Type Quarter Registration District
Ansell, Ann Angelina~Death 1859 June Guildford
Armstrong, Guy Spearman~Birth 1892 June Weymouth
Bailey, George Henry Webb~Death 1866 September Guildford
Balchin, Elizabeth~Birth 1857 September Hambledon
Balfour, Evelyn Barbara~Birth 1899 September Kensington
Barney, Charles John~Birth 1891 September Easthampstead
Barr, Albert Ernest~Birth 1875 March Farnham
Bide, Edward Joseph~Death 1917 December Chertsey
Birt, Henry~Birth 1862 September Guildford
Blood, Bindon~Death 1915 September Brentford
Bonner, Ivy~Birth 1909 March Guildford
Bowering, James~Birth 1863 September Stepney
Bray, George William Reginald~Birth 1893 June Sunderland
Browne, Charles Frederick Edward~Birth 1898 March Wandsworth
Burdett, George Robert~Birth 1889 March Chertsey
Carpenter, John~Birth 1878 September Kingston
Chamberlain, John~Death 1853 September Guildford
Chamberlin, Frances~Death 1849 December Guildford
Cheeseman, George~Birth 1843 March Chertsey
Cheesmar, Stanley William~Birth 1894 June Guildford
Childs, Mary~Death 1839 March Guildford
Choat, William~Birth 1844 March Linton
Church, Walter~Birth 1896 March Guildford
Chuter, Jane~Birth 1848 June Guildford
Clark, Charlotte~Death 1869 June Guildford
Cobbett, Esther~Birth 1844 June Guildford
Coggins, William Frederick~Birth 1913 December Chertsey
Coker, Henry Ernest~Birth 1894 March Guildford
Coward, Richard~Birth 1894 March Guildford
Creasy, Frederic~Death 1857 September Guildford
Crosland, William Philip~Birth 1895 June Steyning
Daborn, John~Birth 1846 March Guildford
Davis, James Reuben~Birth 1887 June Guildford
Davy, Jane~Death 1864 December Guildford
Dawson, Alfred~Death 1915 December Chertsey
Death, Elsie Annie~Birth 1888 June Reading
Dench, John~Death 1865 December Guildford
Denley, Thomas~Birth 1876 March Chertsey
Dewberry, Mary~Death 1842 March Guildford
Dowden, Leslie Harry~Birth 1897 December Staines
Dunn, Thomas Henry~Birth 1896 March Holborn
Ealden, Arthur Edward~Birth 1898 September Milton
Edwards, Herbert~Birth 1883 December Amersham
Efford, Alice Mund Mary~Birth 1871 June Weymouth
Elsley, James~Birth 1849 December Guildford

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