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Name Type Quarter Registration District
Fair, Elizabeth~Death 1849 September Guildford
Faulkner, Albert William~Birth 1907 June Guildford
Fellows, James~Death 1850 September Guildford
Ferguson, Hannah~Death 1869 March Guildford
Fergusson, Jessie~Death 1870 September Guildford
Ford, Jessie Page~Birth 1896 March Guildford
Gage, Sarah~Death 1867 March Guildford
Gardner, Abigail Lois~Birth 1912 March Guildford
Glazier, Eliabeth~Death 1860 March Guildford
Gosden, William~Birth 1885 March Chertsey
Gray, George~Birth 1856 June Guildford
Gregory, Thomas Sanders~Birth 1885 September Guildford
Grover, Ellen~Death 1866 June Guildfrord
Grove, William~Death 1869 March Guildford
Gwynn, Frank~Birth 1891 March Kingston
Hamilton, Violet Anna Decourey~Death 1900 September Guildford
Harber, Charles Herbert~Birth 1886 March Malling
Harding, Elizabeth~Birth 1850 March Guildford
Hardy, Harry James~Birth 1897 March Reigate
Harrison, Emily~Death 1853 September Guildford
Hastings, Edward Thew~Birth 1889 June Chertsey
Heather, Isaac~Birth 1861 December Guildford
Hill, Frederick~Birth 1872 September Guildford
Hockley, Emily~Birth 1849 September Braintree
Holloway, Fanny~Death 1879 June Guildford
Hooper, Alfred Henry~Birth 1880 September Faversham
Hughes, Elizabeth~Death 1858 September Marylebone
Hussey, Ada~Birth 1894 December Kensington
Jarvis, Sarah~Death 1864 March Whitechapel
Javes, Sarah Jane~Birth 1853 September Guildford
Jelly, James~Death 1859 September Guildford

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