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Name Type Quarter Registration District
King, Blanche Emily~Birth 18951 March Guildford
Lee, Henry~Birth 1856 June Guildford
Loader, Lewis Peat~Birth 1898 December Basingstoke
Lomax, Thomas Henry~Birth 1889 June Mildenhall
Lovelock, Percy James~Death 1916 March Portsmouth
Luker, Doris Mary~Birth 1898 March Guildford
Mackrell, Eliza~Death 1853 September Guildford
Marchant, Hannah~Death 1855 June Guildford
March, Sophia~Death 1849 June Guildford
Maynard, Thomas~Birth 1848 June Chertsey
Millard, Edley, Oliver~Death 1868 September Guildford
Miller, Sarah, Amelia~Death 1857 June Guildford
Morgan, William, David~Birth 1872 September Guildford
Paine, James~Death 1868 September Guildford
Partington, Eliza~Death 1887 March Guildford
Pennell, Rebecca Maria~Death 1852 December Kingston
Potter, Ernest Bertie~Birth 1897 September Guildford
Pulling, Lily~Birth 1877 September Guildford
Rate, Elizabeth~Death 1858 September Guildford
Rathbone, Mary~Death 1864 June Guildford
Reid, John~Death 1867 September Guildford
Rickards, John~Death 1869 March Guildford
Roberts, Lydia~Death 1867 March Guildford
Robinson, Amelia Julia~Birth 1862 March Richmond
Rose, William Frederick Knowle~Birth 1901 March Guildford
Rowland, Mary~Death 1842 December Guildford

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