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Name Type Quarter Registration District
Sale, James~Death 1842 June Guildford
Sanders, James~Birth 1840 September Guildford
Scanlan, Edith Geraldine~Birth 1865 June Guildford
Searle, Martha~Death 1857 June Guildford
Simmonds, Elizabeh~Death 1191 December Guildford
Skeet, Jesse~Birth 1862 December Guildford
Skilton, Mary~Death 1860 March Guildford
Slyfield, Frederick~Birth 1846 March Guildford
Smallpeice, William~Death 1867 March Guildford
Smeeth, John~Death 1841 June Alton
Smee, Albert Claude~Death 1916 December Camberwell
Smither, Sarah~Death 1853 September Guildford
Spooner, Eliza~Death 1873 March Guildford
Staker, William Charles~Birth 1865 March St, Mary, Magdalen
Stedman, William~Death 1867 June Wandsworth
Steptoe, Mary~Death 1866 December Guildford
Strongitharm, Joseph Henry~Death 1920 September Staines
Sweet, Mary Ann~Death 1872 September Guildford
Talbot, James Joseph~Birth 1845 June Guildford
Trussler, Eliza~Birth 1863 March Guildford
Turner, Alice Ethel~Birth 1897 March Godstone
Ugle, Arthur Frederick~Birth 1913 December Guildford
Ventham, Harriet~Death 1863 March Guildford
Watson, James Jesse~Birth 1878 September Guildford
Webber, Ethel~Birth 1868 September Guildford
Whye, Hannah~Birth 1865 June Guildford
Why, Alfred~Death 1865 September Guildford
Woodham, Sarah~Death 1863 September Guildford
Wood, Emma~Death 1866 June Wandsworth
Wort, David~Birth 1870 December Romsey

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