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George BURCHETT was buried at St John Baptist on the 10th June 1865.

George had died aged 17 in the Westminster Hospital on the 3rd June due to Hydrophobia (Rabies) after being bitten by a dog at Woking some 9 weeks earlier.

The death Certificate names his father as George BURCHETT, a "Farmers Man" but I have not been able to identify either of them?
James Draycott

James DRAYCOTT claimed to be 20 when he married Grace BAKER at St Paul, Maybury 21 Aug 1910, in the 1911 PC grace is living at Princess road, Maybury as a Married daughter with he Parents and she then married George Kennedy LARBEY as a widow 12 Apr 1916 at St Paul.
However there are some anomalies about James DRAYCOTT I am struggling with -

He was born in Wisbech according to Army Records and his father was William, a Gentleman, according to the 1910 Marriage Certificate. But I cannot align this with a Birth Registration or any Census Entries? it should not be difficult as his elder brother William was born c1886 (William died in Boulogne of Wounds 7 days before James)

James left an army will leaving everything to his friend Miss Mildred Houghton WARREN, rather than his wife.
William left an army will leaving everying to his sister Agnes (Wiles by 1919)

 Mystery Photos

Prisoner of War day parade

This postcard was sold as showing a Parade in Woking, however I cannot identify the location?
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Sheerwater Bridge

Buying this online, I thought it would be Monmument Road Bridge before the rebuild, but given the Lock gates it must be the Bridge at Sheerwater Road between Woodham and West Byfleet
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